Estudio de las creencias de una futura maestra sobre la construcción del repertorio lingüístico a través de narrativas multimodales



Narrative is a reflective practice that allows people to (re)think and to give a sense to their experiences and to understand the complexity of language teaching and learning processes. The aim is to analyse beliefs of a teacher in training about the construction of the linguistic repertoire and to look into its projection in their future teaching. The data collection is carried out through multimodal narratives, whose efficacy has been explored and confirmed as a methodological tool. 

The study proves that there are rooted beliefs and other beliefs that are more susceptible to be destabilized. The subject has built new interpretative frameworks about language education. The focus on proficiency in a language has been displaced by the notion of linguistic repertoire development. The reflective processes have permitted to give a sense to her experiences and to mobilize or destabilize some beliefs that will guide her future actions and behaviour in classroom.


reflective practice, beliefs, multimodal narratives, linguistic repertoire and teaching and learning languages

Author Biography

Míriam Cabré Rocafort, Universitat de Barcelona

Miriam Cabré Rocafort holds a a degree in Primary Education (Honors) and a title of Master in Research in Didactics of Language and Literature (Universitat de Barcelona). She has a predoctoral Fellowship with the Department of Didactics of Language and Literature; specializing in Infant and Primary Education. She is a member of the Plurilingualism and Language Learning (PLURAL) research group at the Universitat de Barcelona.




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