Call: Monograph “Reading in strips: The intersection between comics and literary education”

Guest editor: Clara Vilaboa Sáenz de Lubiano

Theme of the monographic: “Reading in strips: The intersection between comics and literary education”.


The presence of comics, in all their variations (serialised comics, graphic novels, manga, comic magazines, etc.), is increasing in education. As part of Children’s and Young Adult Literature, the comic is a widespread read among the new generations of readers, who appear to be more comfortable with multimodal texts and audiovisual cultural products. In this context and as a multimodal narrative, comics have great potential to promote reading interest, develop literary competence and work with various interdisciplinary learnings associated with history, science, culture or art, for instance. Currently, comics are often valued as legitimate narratives for the literary training of the child reader, due to the high interpretative complexity that the multimodal narration implies and because of the opportunity it entails to work on a necessary multimodal alphabetisation.

In this context, we propose a monographic which gathers educational and empirical research focused on understanding how comics (in any nomenclature) contribute to literary education throughout different educational stages, and that advance the studies on the child reader and literary education. It is a requirement that the authors who present a proposal are PhD students or Post-Doctoral researchers (with less than 5 years since their thesis defence).

Proposals guideline:

Authors must provide an abstract (200-250 words) of their proposal in Spanish, Catalan, English or French. Abstracts must be sent to the email address for a first revision by 10th July 2023. Afterwards, authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the proposal.

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