“Yugoslav Disunity and the New World Order”. Memorandum for Robert Gates

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Blair Dorminey’s memorandum for Robert Gates (then Deputy National Security Adviser) – kept at the Records of the National Security Council in the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library – represents an early analysis of the critical situation of Yugoslavia made in the White House and a unique interpretation of its perspectives in the light of the proclamation of the “New World Order.” In fact, the author built on that idea, outlined by George H. W. Bush in September 1990, so as to recommend a change in the official U.S. policy towards that country, which, merely verbally, consisted on supporting its unity and territorial integrity.The new approach would apply New World Order’s values, such as freedom, security, and the rule of law, to the “growing global trend toward disaggregation of ethnic groups and polities.”


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Yugoslavia, wars, New World Order, Robert Gates

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