The Other Side of Language, Literature, and Living: A Call to Hedge the Dying Art


  • Sachidananda Panda XIM University


A written document is no longer treated as a piece of literature; rather, readers' needs have surpassed the limits of traditional expectations, beyond the purview of common scrutiny. A piece of writing has become a stale reminder of the time spent; the recurrent images of everyday life and living, the bread and butter of the populace, their anguish and pain, the contours of traditional moorings, nuances and nemesis, rituals and rebuttals clubbed together have become the choice of the present time. The big question, therefore, is to bring in necessary modifications to our notions and approaches towards literature, without which it amounts to infidelity with the readership. The present paper aims to highlight how different elements of behavioural knowledge are intelligibly incorporated in the verses of Ghodanacha and how they influenced the life and living of Kaibartas/Keuts for ages as scriptures of inspiration, encouragement, and discipline. This will connect the art's history, evolution, and current state as it stands at the gateway to its own graveyard.


Culture, Literature, Art, Tradition, Preservation, Community, Values


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