Geologica Acta

Geologica Acta

Geologica Acta aims to stimulate rapid diffusion of results and efficient exchange of ideas between the widespread communities of Earth Science researchers.

Geologica Acta welcomes

Relevant conceptual developments in any area of the Earth and Environmental Sciences.
Studies presenting regional synthesis.
Thematic issues or monographic volumes.
Short papers reflecting interesting results or works in progress.

Geologica Acta publication advantages

Paper length according to interest and need.
Quick publication; six months for express papers, 12 months for full length papers.
Attractive format and high quality printing no page charges.
Open access journal with no publication fee.

Geologica Acta diffusion

World wide diffusion in printed and electronic format.
Free full-text availability online.
Inclusion of additional material (data sets, color figures, maps) online.
Alerting of the publication to interested researchers included in our data base.

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