• Carmen Salcedo Vereda


This issue of Periferia includes three articles on different themes and fields: Inambê Sales Fontenele and Celecina de Maria Veras Sales’s research that goes into the process of personal and collective memory building, through oral narratives of women in Estado do Ceará (Northeast Brazil); Jordi Grau approaches to structuring nature that can be detected in the forms of child mobility, such as adoption; or the vision offered by Dolores Rodriguez on the evolution of the conceptualization of deaf identity and sense of belonging to the Deaf Community.

However, these articles share their interest in recovering previous ethnographic studies, showing the different theoretical and methodological tools that have helped the understanding of these processes and collectives. All this with the purpose by refocusing the anthropological to the current context.

Moreover, the Projecte Entrevistes brings the opportunity to approach us to Isidoro Moreno, a key person not only for Anthropology in Andalusia, but also for the institutionalization and critical view of the discipline in Spain.

Finally, we would like to emphasize initiatives like "Displaced Museum", contained in this issue, which reflects the growing supply of open collaborative proposals through the Network.


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