“É como se você fosse fazer a coisa artesanalmente”: Uma leitura das marcas de distinção no documentário O Renascimento do Parto

Aline de Andrade Ramos Cavalcanti


An analysis of the emergence of the categories of freedom and non childbirth imported from political economy to the physical techniques of humanized assistance allowed us to identify and understand the development of strategies and tactics in promoting this model: the documentary film. This article argues that the filmic work The Renaissance of the Childbirth Erica de Paula to discuss the (delivery) model of childbirth care in the Brazil and propose changes to strengthen mechanisms of social distinction through a series of speeches and classifications that aim their class provisions in the work. By analysing the arguments of the film and its links with the concepts of habitus, tastes and lifestyles, as well as the ambiguities and contradictions of the concept of humanization articulated to the neoliberal ideology, seek to illuminate some political issues that are present in the construction of discourse and humanized childbirth experience brought by the work.


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Humanization of childbirth, Documentary cinema, Market, Distinction

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