Isogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics

Isogloss is a journal of theoretical and experimental linguistics, with the Romance varieties as object of investigation.

Submissions are accepted for articles on any linguistic phenomenon in any Romance variety. No specific theoretical approaches are given any preference, but the articles need to have clear implications for the theory of language and should not be only descriptive in nature.

Vol 7 (2021)

Table of Contents


Liliana Sanchez, Jose Camacho
Luis López

The Romance Inter-Views

Grant Armstrong, Karlos Arregi, Karen De Clercq, Caterina Donati, Antonio Fábregas, Luigi Rizzi, Andrés Saab, Norma Schifano



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2020 Acknowledgments  
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Isogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics is now accepting submissions


Isogloss has recently undergone a reform with respect to its scope, editorial and review policy, as well as editorial team and board and is now accepting submissions on any area of Romance theoretical and experimental linguistics.

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