La enseñanza de la gramática en la escuela: lo que piensan, cómo la abordan y qué proponen las investigaciones brasileñas


  • Adriana Dickel Universidade de Passo Fundo


We intend to explore through bibliographic study, tensions and approaches in the current studies on the teaching of grammar at school, the last three decades, in Brazil. In the 1980s, a controversy arises that extends largely to the present day: "should be or not to teach grammar at school?". This question emerges from a deep review, basically from academic sectors in the field of linguistics, about the traditional grammar and its teaching. Along with the deconstruction of the grammar teaching based on a standard model, there are some proposals for maintaining the teaching of grammar, however, on new bases, related with a sociointeractionist and functionalist approaches of the language and also based on the bakhtinian theory of enunciation. These perspectives are embodied in the National Curriculum Parameters and all papers analyzed in this study. Our objective with the study of the Portuguese teaching, especially its grammar, and of the didactic-methodological contributions offered by the current research is to demonstrate the complexity of the challenges to be faced and the tensions to be overcome by those who dedicate themselves to this field in Brazil. To question and to produce knowledge about the meeting between the scientific research on the language and the teaching, the curriculum, the students' knowledge and their teachers and the teaching practices are tasks to be performed by researchers from the field of Applied Linguistics and education research.


Portuguese, grammar teaching, metalinguistic reflection, methods, curriculum

Author Biography

Adriana Dickel, Universidade de Passo Fundo

Adriana Dickel es profesora titular de la Universidade de Passo Fundo (Brasil). Es licenciada en Letras por la Universidad de Passo Fundo y realizó sus estudios de Máster y Doctorado en Educación en la Universidad Estadual de Campinas. Forma parte de dos grupos de investigación: GEPALFA – Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas sobre Alfabetização y GESPE – Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisa em Educação. Desarrolla también tareas en proyectos de formación continua de professores en el contextos socioeconómicos desfavorecidos.




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