Special Issues

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 17. Selected papers from Going Romance 34, Paris, edited by Ora Matushansky, Laurent Roussarie, Michela Russo, Mrs Elena Soare (in progress)

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 18. Selected papers from LSRL 51, Urbana-Champaign, edited by Ander Beristain, Zsuzsanna Fagyal, Jonathan E MacDonald, Robin Turner (in progress)

Romance Grammars, Contact and Context, edited by Alice Corr, Jonathan Kasstan, Norma Schifano, Carlos Yebra Lopez (in progress)

Residual Verb Second in Romance, edited by Silvio Cruschina, Antonio Fábregas, Christine Meklenborg Nilsen, Juanito Ornelas de Avelar (in progress)