A short note on honorifics and personal articles in Spanish and Catalan and its consequences for the theory of proper names


  • Andrés Saab CONICET, Buenos Aires


Building on recent findings in Bernstein et al. (2019), regarding the syntactic distribution of personal articles in Catalan and honorifics in Spanish, I propose that they are pure expressives (in Potts’ (2005) sense) that take an entity as argument and return the same entity at the at-issue level and a conventionally implicated proposition in a parallel meaning dimension. If this analysis turns out to be correct, the expressive / proper name interaction in these languages will constitute a new piece of evidence against the predicative analysis of proper names.  


Reviewed by:
José Camacho
Francesc Roca


honorifics, personal articles, Catalan, Spanish, proper names, expressives


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