Season's greetings and acknowledgments for 2021


2021 has been a very intense year for Isogloss.

We received 76 submissions (including those for the special issues, still under review), accepted 21 and rejected 9 of them. The average number of days to first editorial decision (accept, accept with revisions, reject) is 121.

We started the Romance Inter-Views (the most downloaded article of the year): short, multiple Q&A pairs that address key issues, definitions and ideas regarding Romance linguistics. The first Inter-view was on syntax.

We featured a Keynote debate based on Michal Starke’s keynote talk on Universal Morphology, and we have 4 special issues in the pipeline.

This year, we have also been indexed by Scopus and migrated to a brand-new, more user-friendly website, with which we are very happy.

On a less happy note, we underwent a heavy cyber-attack (directed to the entire UAB, who is our host) in the month of October, which is happily resolved now. No submissions have been lost, as far as we know.

Bringing forward a full Open Access journal costs some time an effort. We would not have been able to do this without the help and support of Pep Sansò of the UAB, who guided us through the website migration and the cyber-attack, and offers constant IT support and supervision. Thanks Pep!

Of course, an OA journal is made by us, the linguistic community. We would like to thank our authors for being patient and dedicating some time to help us with editing and formatting. We wish to thank the following colleagues who served as reviewers and helped us keep faith to our promise to be fast. Thanks to

Luigi Andriani, Andrei Avram, Linda Badan, José Camacho, Jan Casalicchio, Edoardo Cavirani, Federica Cognola, Silvio Cruschina, Teresa Espinal, Ricardo Etxepare, Richard Faure, Mihaela Gheorghe, Jacqueline Guéron, Martin Maiden, Takeshi Nakamoto, Alexandru Nicolae, Paul O’Neill, María Carme Parafita Couto, Alexis Pierrard, Anna Pineda, Clàudia Pons-Moll, Francesc Roca, Cilene Rodrigues, Corinne Rossari, Giuseppe Samo, Michelle Sheehan, JC Smith, Imanol Suárez-Palma, and John McWhorter.
We also wish to thank Alberto Frasson, Ionut Geana, and Silvia Terenghi for their help with editorial issues.

Finally, thank you all for following us and supporting us! Happy new year!