Stats and acknowledgments for 2022


The end of 2022 is near, and Isogloss would like to thank all those who contributed to this amazing enterprise of making Romance linguistics free and accessible for everyone.

In 2022, we published 5 issues; we had 77 submissions, with an acceptance rate of 60% (including those of the special issues). We published 63 articles. The average number of months from submission to acceptance in the main issue is 6,5; from submission to publication: 8. The average number of days from submission to acceptance for all issues, including the four special issues, is 214. You can find the stats here.

We had 17 guest editors, who deserve our wholehearted appreciation and gratitude for putting up with such a laborious task as editing for Isogloss, with no editorial assistants or typesetters. We also wish to thank those who offered their help and support in the typesetting for some articles.

194 colleagues helped us with the reviewing process (some by reviewing more than one article). You can find their names here. As you can see, many top scholars participated in our review, and we have a great mix of junior and senior reviewers. We wish to thank all our reviewers, and especially the senior scholars who accepted to do the reviews (which doesn’t normally happen so easily).

We are particularly happy to see submissions from so many different countries. These are the countries of affiliation of the published authors (the few authors who submitted to more than one issue are counted more than once):

USA: 28 authors

IT: 18

FR: 14

DE: 11

NL: 11

UK: 10

CH: 5

ES: 5

AT: 4

FI: 4

NO: 4

PT: 4

AR: 3

BE: 2

AU: 1

BR: 1

CA: 1

SE: 1

CL: 1

MX: 1

Independent scholar: 1

The 2022 winner for the "most visualized articles" is Aaron Yamada. If you want to see the top 10 you’ll find it here.

In 2022 Isogloss also got indexed in Scopus, in Anvur, and in Erih Plus. If you want to see the full list of our indexes go here.

Finally, our greatest thanks to Pep Sansó de Castellar for his great IT and journal management support!

Happy holiday season everyone!

Roberta, Ángel and the Isogloss editorial team