GANDHI: A Thousand Contradictions - Roundtable and Art Workshop. THE EXPERIENCE



How does a hands-on creative arts workshop and roundtable session unfold amongst a group of erudite academics or aspiring academics? This is subtly unveiled in what turned out to be an unforgettable journey, into the person of Mohandas Gandhi and all his eccentricities.


Gandhi, Ambedkar, History, Art, Workshop, Discussions


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Author Biography

Soniya Amritlal Patel, Independent scholar and artist at soniyaamritpatel

Doctorate: Postcolonial Studies, Feminism & Contemporary Indian Art.

Studied at Faculty of Political & Social Sciences, (INSTIFEM).

Complutense University, Madrid, Spain.

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Nigeria.

A British Indian, I grew up in different parts of Africa.  As an artist and researcher, I am fascinated by people and cultures. This interest informs all my artwork and research endeavours.




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