At Sunset


  • Aparna Halpe Centennial College, Toronto


A short story that reflects the horror, sadness and injustice of the death of a boy of sixteen during the Sri Lankan civil war.


conflict, gender

Author Biography

Aparna Halpe, Centennial College, Toronto

Aparna Halpé is a Sri Lankan poet, musician and scholar living in Toronto. She holds a doctorate in postcolonial literature from the Department of English and the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. Aparna's research focuses on the function of myth in contemporary fiction from South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. She is the author of a collection of poems, Precarious (2013), and is currently co-editor, with Michael Ondaatje, of a trilingual edition of the collected works of the twentieth century Sri Lankan poet Lakdasa Wikkramasinha. Aparna is currently a professor in the Department of English and ESL at Centennial College, Toronto.




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