: Call for Submissions - Vol. 6 Writing/ Righting Wrongs

Writing /righting wrongs involves acts of remembrance whereby memory and history coalesce, and, as a result, a dynamics of self situated beyond the national/global dichotomy is delineated. Following the editorial policy of the journal, we hope to cover a wide range of disciplines so we welcome papers from historians, anthropologists, philosophers, art historians, environmental scientists, linguists and literary scholars and cultural studies practitioners.

The topics proposed include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Reparations for social wrongs: Dalits, tribals and subalterns
  • Reparations for mass crimes and ethnic violence
  • Acknowledging historical misrepresentations: imperial oversights, stereotypes in historical novels, the silencing of minorities
  • Historical culpability: the legacy of colonialism, the connivance of the colonized
  • Uncovering lost treasures in art, literature and music
  • Rethinking Indian philosophies
  • The role of the cinema: escapism or social commentary?
  • Religious revivals
  • Reinterpreting the epics
  • Memories of the Partition: healing the wounds
  • Questioning gender constraints: the voices of women, alternative sexualities
  • Life writing: new approaches
  • Reviewing environmental policies: ecological disasters
  • Indian languages: Hinglish, translation policies 


DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES:  September 30th 2018

Authors are kindly requested to consult the guidelines: