Call for Submissions Vol. 12 Ecofeminism


We welcome articles, work in progress, reviews,  interviews  on the following topics but, as always,  Indialogs is happy to publish work on other areas of India studies.

  • Indian ecofeminism in a postcolonial context
  • Intersections of environmental justice with class, caste, religion and sexual and gender issues
  • Human and non-human interconnections and their relationship to the environment 
  • Relations between gender, food, and the environment in India 
  • Women’s adaptation to climate change and the environmental strategies they are employing 
  • Politics of care, the environment and the natural world 
  • Sustainability and local knowledge. Rural practices 
  • Women’s role in resource management and conservation 
  • New approaches and paradigms in the study of human and non-human interconnections 
  • Ecofeminist activism. Intersections of environmental and feminist activism in India 
  • Ecofeminism in India and Affect Studies 
  • Gendered impacts of environmental degradation 
  • Tribal knowledge and traditional practices 
  • Ecology and feminism in India 
  • Ecofeminism and capitalism

Deadline for submissions:  October 31st 2024

Doubts or queries to the editor: