On null spatial Ps and their arguments


  • Ahonto Terzi Technological Educational Institute of Patras


This paper investigates the phenomenon of null spatial Ps, focusing primarily on Greek where these are most widely attested. It is demonstrated that only locatives (of the type that do not denote containment), as well as directional goal Ps, are able to surface without phonetic content when their nominal arguments are determinerless. It is suggested that the presence of null spatial Ps is contingent on nominals of special status, namely, on elements which, although similar in phonetic content to common nouns, are in fact closer to adverbials. In particular, it is suggested that the arguments of silent spatial Ps either instantiate or modify the silent noun PLACE. The latter raises to the specifier position the associated spatial P, with the consequence that P may appear without phonetic content – by virtue of the fact that its lexicalization requirements may (also) be satisfied in this manner.


null spatial Ps, place nouns, PLACE




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