Per què Y? Sobre la centralitat de la sintaxi a l’arquitectura de la gramàtica

Aritz Irurtzun


I defend the centrality of the syntactic module within the general architecture of grammar. According to this model of the language faculty, syntax creates structures that are interpreted at the interfaces with the Articularory-Perceptual and Conceptual-Intentional systems. Thus, I show that the classic inverted-Y model of the architecture of grammar is better suited than alternative “parallel architectures” (cf. Jackendoff (1997 et seq.)) when accounting for interface phenomena. In order to do that, I discuss an interface phenomenon like focus that, according to some scholars, shows the need of a more articulated architecture of the grammar than the classic Y-model. I will argue that the properties of focus bear testimony to the fact that syntax outranks both interpretive modules.


architecture of grammar, Y-model, interfaces, focus, nuclear stress rule

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