An investigation on the comprehension of Persian passives in typical development and autism


  • Anna Gavarró Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Filologia Catalana
  • Yalda Heshmati Columbia University. Teachers College


Autism Spectrum disorders have attracted the attention of many researchers working on communicative and pragmatic competence, but much less attention has been paid to the investigation of narrow syntax in this condition. On the other hand, in the field of acquisition, passive sentences (and related constructions) are known to be a late acquisition, and have been argued to be a case of late maturation. In this paper we report results on the comprehension of passive sentences in Persian-speaking children with typical development and with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In our findings, not all ASD children perform in the same way, rather those considered to be high-functioning perform like the typically developing, and the low-functioning have a clearly poorer performance. These results shed some light on former studies (Perovic et al. 2007, Terzi et al. 2014), with seemingly inconsistent results due to the fact that heterogeneous populations were tested.


passives, comprehension, acquisition, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Persian




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