MIND MGMT: Paranoid Nightmares of a Fugitive Reality.


  • Pepe Rojo UCSD


From 2012 to 2015, Matt Kindt created Mind MGMT, an ultra-paranoid world filled with mental hermaphrodites, children books and pop records that cause riots and revolutions and psychic snipers, all woven together through the elusive Mind Management program. Kindt re-creates fictionally both the breakdown of coherence and the fragmented narratives that make up life in the globalized 21st. century, where permanent crisis seems to be the current state of affairs. Kindt uses several devices to achieve this: fragmented and parallel narrative sequences, scaffolded and nested plot turns, fake ads and field guides. At the same time, Kindt draws on several genres and formats that use the search/production of both truth and reality as their dramatic engine: crime/espionage novels, conspiracy theories, investigative journalism and procedure manuals. This experimental comic/essay focuses on how the radical devices Kindt uses in creating Mind MGMT tap into the paranoid desire and fear of finding out how reality is produced, at the same time playing with the materiality and self-reference of the quotes it uses, drawing on scanned images of the comic itself.

Palabras clave

media, mind mgmt, matt kindt, reality, genres

Biografía del autor/a

Pepe Rojo, UCSD

Pepe Rojo is a writer and interventionist living in the California border zone. He has published five books and more than 200 texts dealing with fiction, media, and contemporary culture, in Spanish and English. He directed “You can see the future from here”, a series of sf-based interventions in the Tijuana-San Ysidro crossing border, as well as “Tú no existes” in Mexico City. His English writing can be found in Birds In Shorts City, Flurb!, Three Messages and a Warning,  States of Terror, and Review:  Literature and Arts of the Americas. He was most recently spotted raising "Tierra y Libertad" flags. He has an MFA as a creative writer and is currently starting a PhD in Communication at UCSD.




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