The Strategy of Excess: Fantastic Manifestations in Francisco Tario's Dramatic Work Terraza con jardin internal

Alejandro Adalberto Mejía González


The present study aims to explain how, through a writing of excess, both the pragmatic level and the level of representation are put in crisis in order to establish a strategy of the fantastic in the dramatic piece Terraza con jardín infernal by the Mexican writer Francisco Tario. First, the article problematizes the presence of fantastic theater in Mexico, focusing on the specific case of Tario’s playwriting and the different connections it has with other theatrical eras. Consequently, during the analysis, we describe and explain the processes through which the strategy of the fantastic manifests itself in the piece; that is, how it develops and the role of a conjunction of tropes such as oxymoron, hyperbole and adynaton. These constitute a writing of excess in order to put in crisis a fictional world originally sustained by logic and verisimilitude, and to irrupt into and disrupt it until it becomes unreality, the borderline between the symbolic and the absurd.


Tario, writing of the excess, fantastic, borderline.

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