: Call for Submissions Vol. 5 - Bodies

Likewise, beauty was seen to be an essential aspect of the divine. Sanskrit has a large number of words that describe beauty or physical and sexual attraction and literary texts abound with imagery related to the body. However, this issue of Indialogs is not only concerned with classical images of the human body as we welcome articles that deal with the notion of “the body” in all disciplines including the following:

•Hindu representations of the body; the representation of the body in religious and philosophical texts

•The role of the body in contemporary narratives

•Indian weddings and ritual performances

•The centrality of the body to political authority in the Raj

•Medicine and public health; Western medicine vs Ayurveda; the donation of bodies after death; fertility; commercial surrogacy

•The beauty and personal care market in India; the importance of “presentability”; beauty pageants

•The embodiment of poverty and subalternity: working class slum women, tribals

•The body politic in India; the Judiciary in contemporary India: the supreme body?

•The Partition: the dismemberment of the body of India


Deadline for submissions:  15th SEPTEMBER 2017