The new journal Indialogs, Spanish Journal of India Studies is the first electronic journal in Spain that focuses exclusively on the Indian Subcontinent. The journal covers a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from literature, culture and film to politics, history and environmental studies. Indialogs is an academic journal but one of its goals is to reach out to the general public and encourage a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of India, its people and its extraordinary history. This is why we have opted for an open access journal. Our objectives are to promote research on India from a multidisciplinary perspective and strengthen cultural and scientific ties with the subcontinent. Indialogs is a forum where a network of scholars within Spain and abroad with common interests can publish their research and circulate their work.

The journal is a joint initiative of the Department de Filologia Anglesa i Germanística of the UAB and the Spanish Association of India Studies.

Vol 3 (2016)

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Call for Submissions Vol. 4 - 2017 Indic Crossings

The Indian Ocean is a cultural and economic system that dates back over five thousand years as Malays, Chinese, Arabs, Indians and Africans traded across it for centuries before the Europeans set foot in the area. The diverse people who have crisscrossed the waters of the Indian Ocean have contributed to its configuration as a liminal space of hybrid evolution, whose boundaries are both moveable and porous.
The Indian Ocean needs to be regarded as a unifying element, connecting peoples and events across the ocean and at the same time a divisive element that fragments and distances communities through space and time.  It is a mine of cultural experience with multiple connections that link the countries of its western shores with the Indian subcontinent.  We invite articles that focus on the relations and networks that bind the communities that inhabit the shores of the Indian Ocean and which generate debate on notions of integration and fragmentation in Indian Ocean writing.
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