Call for papers


The call for papers for articles for the sections “Monograph” and “Miscellaneous” for the Vol. III n.º2 issue of Brumal. Revista de Investigación sobre lo Fantástico /Brumal. Research Journal on the Fantastic is now open.

Scholars who wish to contribute to either of these two sections should send us their articles by january 15, 2016, registering as authors on our web page. The Guidelines for Submissions may be found on the Submissions section of the web page.


Monographic Issue: “The Fantastic in the New Golden Age of Television (1999-2015)” (Alfonso Cuadrado and Rubén Sánchez Trigos, Coords.)

Deadline 15 January 2016

The fantastic has carved out a place for itself in the new golden age that television (in particular, in the U.S.A, although not only there) seems to be experiencing since the end of the 90s. Thus, in addition to the characteristics normally attributed to the series of this new television (greater complexity of plot and character, generic hybridization, treatment of themes seldom or never dealt with by the media, production values of more cinematic quality than normal for television), others emerge that are inherent to the fantastic, such as the new visions of monsters being offered, the questioning of reality and identity through the genre, and its relation to more traditional themes and characters, among others. The objective of this monographic issue is to offer a series of essays, panoramic or focused on a particular work, that analyze in depth the fantastic in series produced around the world during this period. The monograph will only consider works of a fantastic nature as this narrative form has been theoretically defined, only accepting papers on other non-mimetic genres such as the marvellous or science fiction if and when they are related to fantastic narrative.

Some possible areas of research include:

  • -Remakes, revisions and reinterpretations of classics of the genre.
  • -Identity and reality in the 21st century.
  • -Hibridization with/relationship to other genres and/or narrative forms.
  • -The fantastic in new Spanish television.
  • -New representations of the monster in the televisión.



Miscellaneous Section

This Miscellaneous section is open to any type of article on any of the diverse artistic manifestations of the fantastic (narrative, theater, film, comics, painting, photography, video games), whether theoretical, critical, historical or comparative in nature, concerning the fantastic in any language or from any country, from the nineteenth century to the present.