Call for papers


The call for papers for articles for the sections “Monograph” and “Miscellaneous” for the Vol. III n.º2 issue of Brumal. Revista de Investigación sobre lo Fantástico /Brumal. Research Journal on the Fantastic is now open.

Scholars who wish to contribute to either of these two sections should send us their articles by july 1st, 2015, registering as authors on our web page. The Guidelines for Submissions may be found on the Submissions section of the web page.

Monograph: “Monsters of the New Millennium”  (Guest editor: Francisco de León)

This issue of Brumal invites contributions that explore the productive meeting of the fantastic on the subject: Monstrosity. The journal Brumal adheres to an idea of the fantastic based on “the always problematic coexistence between the possible and the impossible in a world similar to the real one”. The issue will focus on the multiple ways that monstrous figures are presented in literature, films, theatre comic, videogames, etc. Their characteristics, their new physical forms, new emblematic figures, and the possibilities of reflection that come from all those subjects are important for the comprehension of how monsters have evolved in contemporary culture.

Some possible areas of investigation are:

  • Monster Gallery (analysis of their representation on literatura, films, comic, TV, etc.)
  • Alterity and inestability (limits and new frontiers of monstrous body)
  • Monsters as symbols of their time
  • The domesticated monster
  • Virtual monsters (monsters facing digital media)


Miscellaneous Section

This Miscellaneous section is open to any type of article on any of the diverse artistic manifestations of the fantastic (narrative, theater, film, comics, painting, photography, video games), whether theoretical, critical, historical or comparative in nature, concerning the fantastic in any language or from any country, from the nineteenth century to the present.