Call for papers


The call for papers for articles for the sections “Monograph” and “Miscellaneous” for the Vol. IV n.º2 issue of Brumal. Revista de Investigación sobre lo Fantástico /Brumal. Research Journal on the Fantastic is now open.

Scholars who wish to contribute to either of these two sections should send us their articles by june 15, 2016, registering as authors on our web page. The Guidelines for Submissions may be found on the Submissions section of the web page.


Monographic issue “Fantastic in Visual Arts (18th-21st century)” (Pere Parramon, Coord.)

Deadline 15 June 2016

In the monograph, we examine the basis and visual strategies developed by the art of recent times when it comes to making visible the split –often ominous, sinister– with conventional reality trigged by the friction or shock with what is impossible or supernatural. That is to say, how the impossible becomes a visual representation? If we agree that art is a form of construction of reality, Fantastic Art –understood as an aesthetic category, not from a purely thematic or genre perspective– is responsible for putting in crisis the limits of such construction. That is why the period in which we operate coincides with the concept of “supernatural” within the paradigm of positivism opened during the Enlightenment and in force today (18th-21st century). We examine these matters in the area called “visual arts”, including both performative and spacial forms of expression  based on the gaze and excluding literature or music –from painting, sculpture and installation to video-art, net-art, performance, cinema, etc.–.

Some possible areas of research include:

  • Reality as a construction and art as a construction of reality.
  • Artistic movements, artists or works that we can consider fantastic.
  • The aesthetic category of the uncanny and the theory of Uncanny Valley in relation to the fantastic.
  • Photography and film as a record and witness of an impossible reality.
  • Mimesis and diegesis, realism and verisimilitude in the representation of what should not exist.


Miscellaneous Section

This Miscellaneous section is open to any type of article on any of the diverse artistic manifestations of the fantastic (narrative, theater, film, comics, painting, photography, video games), whether theoretical, critical, historical or comparative in nature, concerning the fantastic in any language or from any country, from the nineteenth century to the present.